Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ClinicNET Affiliates: no changes to LabCorp GPO!

Thanks to the Colorado Community Health Network, ClinicNET affiliate clinics that are currently participating in their LabCorp GPO will continue with no changes! Your new contact going forward is: Johanna Gelderman, Quality Initiatives Coordinator, CCHN, 303-867-9528;

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Amendment 72...Where Will the Money Go?

We wanted to make sure you knew why ClinicNET -- along with more than 100 community, public health, hospitals and veteran organizations -- is endorsing Amendment 72.

By raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1.75 we will drive youth smoking down by 20% and prevent 34,800 youth from starting to smoke.

Contrary to ads funded by Big Tobacco, all of the money raised from Amendment 72 is guaranteed to benefit those most impacted by smoking, and safeguarded so it can't be hijacked for political pet projects or by lobbying from big tobacco.

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Additional LOAN REPAYMENT for Safety Net Clinical SUPPORT STAFF for 2016!

CCHN was funded by the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund to administer a loan repayment program for clinical support professionals as part of the Preparing the Safety Net for the Future Health Care initiative.

Application Cycle:  October 17 - November 14, 2016

Who Can Apply:  Current clinical support staff who provide direct patient care.  Employees may work at ClinicNET clinics, Rural Health Centers and Federaly Qualified Health Centers in Colorado.

Key Criteria:  
-Employed with clinic for at least six months.
-Hold a certificate or degree from an accredited health profesional training institution.
-Educational debt was in good standing.
-Award ranges $6,000 - $10,000 depending on years of employment.

Click HERE for more loan repayment information.

[Source: CCHN]

New Information from CORHIO

  • Information on Public Health measures
  • Details on Specialized Registries and EHRs
  • Resources
[Source: CORHIO]

Attention Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Providers

Weren't able to attend the new Web Portal training sessions?
Don't worry, recorded sessions will be available beginning November 14, 2016. These recordings were originally scheduled to be available October 24, 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Accessing the Recordings
-Access the recordings (on or after November 14, 2016) at:
-Login with user name and password.   If you do not have an account, click "register here" and fill out the form.  Use group code PROV

Course Descriptions
Provider Portal 101:  Accessing the Portal, Provider Registration, Logging in, Basic Navigation, Editing a Profile, Adding Delegates, Changing Provider Enrollment Information, EFT/ERA Enrollment, Disenrolling
Provider Portal 102:  Searching for Member Information, Eligibility Information, Portal Communications, Uploading/Downloading Files, Reviewing Resources
Provider Portal 103:  Searching/Reviewing Payment History, Accounts Receivable Records, Making a Payment, Care Management-Authorizations, Searching/Submitting Claims, Searching Payment History
Bridge Training:  Only Case Management Agencies should take Bridge training (SEPs, CCBs, Case Managers)

Live Webinar Sessions
Live webinar sessions were held the first and second week in October 2016.
Additional live webinar sessions will be available starting  mid-January 2017.

[Source:  Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Provider Enrollment]

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Please Join Us! ClinicNET Leadership Cohort Final Gathering

As we recently announced, ClinicNET will be dissolving at the end of November.  For the past 10 years, we have been the voice of Community Safety Net Clinics (CSNCs) across Colorado and you may be wondering how that void will be filled.

To learn more, we strongly encourage you to join us for a final gathering of ClinicNET leaders.
When:  Thursday, Nov. 10, noon to 5 p.m. (lunch will be served)
Where: 3840 York Street, Suite 100, Denver

We will spend time discussing the following questions:
  • How will you and the other CSNCs continue to have a collective voice at the Capitol?
  • How will you continue to address policy-related issues affecting our clinic and patients?
  • How will you continue to identify new ways to reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction?
  • How will you continue networking and collaborating with other CSNCs around the state?
These questions and more will be answered, with your input, at our final gathering.  We hope to see you (or another senior level representative from your organization) there!
Don't miss this opportunity to share your ideas about how you and the CSNCs will move forward without ClinicNET.
RSVP today to or 720-863-7803.

Health First Colorado Go Live Postponement

The Department made the decision to postpone the Go Live date of the Colorado interChange, the new Provider Web Portal and the new Pharmacy Benefits Management System to March 1, 2017.

The additional four months will allow providers more time to complete the enrollment and revalidation process, to receive comprehensive training and prepare for associated changes in their business processes. The Department will conduct additional systems testing during this time.

For more information about the new Go Live date: